Multilingual Writing Feature

Language didn't break, didn't fracture. It—stretched. It thinned out into a strange skin, translucent. It made you see the world differently. Or it thickened and reminded you you were in the thick of things: its terrors and delights, fraught agencies, cruel concentrations of power, its rivalries and absurd hierarchies. Asymptote is looking for poetry and nonfiction that explores languages such as these: plural, hybrid, rough, ab-normal, and counter-convention for a special feature in our Summer 2018 issue, slated for publication on 19 July 2018. We are interested in poetic and essayistic texts that embrace multilingualism and other forms of hybridity in genre, dialect, and register. These can be compositions in “mostly” English or translations into “mostly” English from a source text that is multilingual/hybrid. Translations as well as compositions that rely heavily on the work of others (for example, texts produced through an unconventional translation strategy) must be accompanied by a statement that appropriate permissions have been secured. General guidelines (see below) apply. Before submitting, you are encouraged to check out past Multilingual Writing Special Features in our Summer 2015 and Summer 2016 issues. Queries about this Feature can be directed to poetry editor Aditi Machado. Send us up to 15 pages of poetry, nonfictional prose, or hybrid writing by 1 June, 2018.

Writers on Writers

For our Writers on Writers feature in every issue, we continue to invite, as always, essays (written in English, passionately, in less than 2500 words) about a relatively unknown author writing in a language other than English that deserves more attention from the English-speaking world. All other requirements apply. Rolling deadline.